Sunday, December 8, 2013

lie detector

A great source of fun for you and your friends, the fingerprint lie detector will detect any truth or lie you speak.
An advanced scanning procedure that takes just a few secconds will scan your fingerprint Epidermal ridges with a Kelvin probe, will amplify Cyanoacrylate sensory nerves nanoparticles, and will test the sweat from Eccrine glands using a Wavelet Scalar Quantization procedure.
Sounds too futuristic for you? Wait to hear hear that the IK211 result is computed using a 500 KPI compression rate.
All said above are real technologies used in real fingerprint scanners, however, our scanner is only a simulator for fun purposes and entertainment.
The lie detector application is a cool and futuristic android application with nice animations and great quality graphics and sounds.
The lie detector test has the option to enable or disable vibration feedback from the options menu.
If you like the lie detector application you can use the context menu to share it to your friends via facebook, bluetooth, email, skype, twitter or any other means your phone has available. All with one touch.
All images, texts and ideas are registered trademarks.
Do not copy our app ideea, our graphic elements, characteristics, colors, GUI placement, our description or other resources because we will file DMCA requests for copyright infringement with Google.
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